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Top 3 Online Bead Stores

While I love to cruise down the isles of my local Hobby Lobby, I do most of my bead shopping online.  I’ve found that the best selection and prices are often found by clicking a mouse, not your heels.  That being said, not all beading sites are created equal.

Here are my top three bead shopping sites and why you should check them out.

Fire Mountain Gems

There are a couple of reasons why gets the top spot.  First is all assortable pricing, which is awesome when you tend to buy a lot of stuff at once.  It works like this:



Of course there is also the amazing selection of Swarovski Elements, findings, and Delica seed beads to sweeten your experience.  They offer their own brand of 11/o seed beads called “Dyna-Mites” and I love them.  They have become my go to brand for most of my projects.




Fire Mountain Gems also sends out an amazing catalog full of ideas and inspiration and it’s like Christmas morning when it gets to my mailbox.

The only down side of Fire Mountain Gems for me is their selection of the newer 2-hole beads, like Brick beads and Superduos.  They can be slow to catch on to what’s trending.


Fusion Beads

Fusion beads is my second favorite online beading store.  When I can’t find something I’m looking for over at Fire Mountain Gems, I check and 9 times out of 10 I find it there.




When it comes to a nice shopping experience, Fusion Beads is the leader.  The website is pleasant to look at and it is pretty easy to find what you are looking for, in the quantity you want.

When the package arrives there is a nice little free gift along with a coupon for a discount on your next purchase tucked inside.




A drawback of Fusion Beads is price point, which I would call average.


Shipwreck Beads

Okay, if I’m being honest, Shipwreck Beads lives up to it’s name.  This is a site that is a bit of a hot mess.  Navigation through the site is cumbersome, and the small font size makes it hard to look at.  There is so much stuff on the screen that you often find yourself clicking on the wrong item again and again.  Ugh.




Despite the obnoxious shopping experience, this place is cheap.  And they have EVERYTHING.  Once I was working on a project that called for three cut seed beads and I could not find them anywhere.  Good ol’ Shipwreck Beads had them in stock, with several color options.  I never have to look farther than, the “world’s largest selection of beads”.




All three of these sites have great customer service and great shipping.  You will be able to conquer whatever bead quest you are on with these awesome online beading stores.




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