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Bezelling a Rivoli

I use bezels in my designs often.  Bezelling is an easy way to encase a stone and is a great base for embellishments.

The key to creating a bezel is making sure that you have the right amount of beads to start with.  Common Rivoli sizes measure from 12mm to 18mm and you’ll want enough 11/o seed beads or 11/o cylinder beads to fit around the stone.  It’s important to use an even number of beads since you’ll be working with tubular peyote stitch.  In this post, I will be using a 14mm Swarovski Rivoli.

Gather up some 11/o cylinder beads, some 15/o Rocaille seed beads, some Fireline, and a beading needle.  Of course, you will also need your Rivoli.

Step 1: Thread your needle with about 2 yards of Fireline.  Center a stop bead and pick up 32 cylinder beads.  Sew through the first bead you added to create a ring.





Step 2: Pick up a cylinder bead, skip over the next bead in the ring, and sew through the following bead to work a tubular peyote stitch.  Repeat this step around the ring.  When you get back to the first stitch of the round, sew through the next bead to “step up”.





Step 3: Repeat step 2 for at least two more rounds.  If you are working with a larger stone, you may want to work additional rounds using the cylinder beads.





Step 4: Flip the beadwork over and thread the needle onto the tail thread.  Sew through the next up bead and pick up a 15/o Rocaille seed bead.  Sew through the next up cylinder bead.  Repeat this step around the ring.





Step 5: Thread the needle back onto the working thread and insert the Rivoli face up into the bezel.  Work another round of tubular peyote stitch using cylinders.  Adjust the stone if nessecary so that it is properly centered.





Step 6: Work a round of tubular peyote stitch using the 15/o Rocaille seed beads.  Sew through the last two rounds again and pull tight to secure the Rivoli in the bezel.  Thread the needle back onto the tail thread and sew through the last two rounds on the back side of the bezel and pull tight.  Weave through the beads, tie a few half hitch knots and end the thread.  Use the other thread for embellishments if desired and then end that thread as well.




Thank you for visiting Beadphoria Designs!  I hope that you enjoyed learning how to create basic bezels with me.  As always, happy beading!

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