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Beading Basics: Right Angle Weave

Right angle weave is one of my absolute favorite stitches.  I love the rule of four and the romantic style of the stitch.  Best of all, it’s so easy!  In this post I will go over the basics of right angle weave and you will be beading up some pretty things in no time!

The first thing you need to know about right angle weave is the rule of four.  It’s simple, you are making units with four sides each, and each side needs an equal number of beads.  Any number divisible by four will work, but I will start with a simple unit of one bead per side to illustrate the technique.

Pick up four beads and tie them into a ring with a square knot.  Sew through all the beads and then sew through the next bead again to create the first unit.



To add a unit, pick up 3 beads and sew though the bead your thread exited when you started this step.  Sew through all the beads again and continue through the next bead.  Adding a third unit is the same except the thread moves in the opposite direction.


Continue adding units until you reach the desired length strip.  Sewing through all the beads before adding new units is important because it helps stiffen up the beadwork which will help shape your piece.


Use the same technique with almost any  bead to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Right angle weave is used in lots of patterns and tutorials out there and knowing the stitch will help you be successful in your projects.


For the designer, right angle weave is full of possibilities!  Start with a strip of right angle weave and see where it takes you.

Thank you for visiting Beadphoria Designs!  As always, Bead Happy!



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