Beadphoria is that feeling you get when you start a new project, learn a new technique, finish that beautiful bracelet, or put on those sparkly earrings for a night out on the town.  It’s a mix of excitement, accomplishment and joy.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s addictive.  I chase my beadphoria like some women chase chocolate.

Beadphoria Designs is a place for all of you who feel the same way as I do about our beloved craft.  I will share my knowledge, inspiration and even offer free project tutorials from time to time.  Come back often and see what’s new.



Have a beading question?  Want to learn a new stitch or brush up on basics? This is your site.  Brand new to beading?  This is your site, too.

Check out my tutorials to get you started.  All of my instructions are clear with plenty of photo’s to guide you on your beading journey.  Just click on the “All Projects” tab to see what downloads have posted.

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